Company Profile

From the Business perspective L’avvento positions itself as an International, European brand, bringing a French touch into your daily life, to your success.
Within the Middle East Region L’avvento, designed in Paris is “Your French Connection”. While on the European continent, it is the desirable global brand which: Wears the Trends
Travel and office accessories are you secret source of inspiration: the intimate universe where you nest back in the very rare moments you can steal from a busy life just for yourself. The secret source from which your unique attractiveness emanates into the world. No wonder they need the touch of excellence, success and a mystical seduction.
L’avvento is my secret source of inspiration for a successful professional life and an attractive personal one. With L’avvento I wear the trends in all areas of my life.

For whom that needs to express their style, what is the better way than to carry your work and laptop in the latest coolest laptop cases from L’avvento Life?
Casual youth messenger bags, colorful padded laptops sleeves and fancy brief cases will be available for you to select from. Sure you will find the styles and colors that fit your youth or teen’s interests and fashion sense everywhere they take their notebook. Harry to choose for the exciting collection….
Nobody wants to haul a bag across the country, or around the world, with L’avvento Discovery laptop cases you will. Merging portability with functionality is the secret behind discovery designs. A wide variety of trolley and Pack back bags that satisfy all the needs of the adventure geeks.
A chic laptop case from L’avvento is a special treat to yourself and a compliment to your sense of style. It is about Fashionable laptop bags that incorporate leather, canvas, and many other materials, designs, and colors to give you a hip, elegant and stylish look. Merging vogue with functionality to fit any personality and fashion sense is the impartial behind L’avvento chic laptop cases.
Were once upon a time limited to the old “briefcase “style. Not anymore! And certainly not at L’avvento laptop cases. With our wide range of Office laptop bags you can find the designs that suit your style. Office laptop cases from L’avvento for who needs to look professional while you are traveling in a car often, traveling by plane, staying in the office, and so forth.

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